Salty Western is inspired by the lush textures in nature, wild ranch lands, and the untamed seas of Hawai’i Nei. Committed to leaving a sense of this nostalgia in every piece, all of our products are handmade with fine quality leather and materials. Our pieces are crafted for the wild ones, with wanderlust in their eyes and adventure in their hearts. Whether you're wandering valleys of the Hawaiian Islands or shores of foreign destinations, Salty Western is along for the ride.



Salty Western was created by islander Taira Cran. She grew up on the North Shore of Oahu and surfed before she could walk. Everyday revolved around the ocean, though her love for horses and the country life grew just as strong. Eventually, she moved to a 35,000 acre cattle ranch on the Big Island of Hawai’i. In her new little cowboy house, she started to use her creativity through leather. Experimenting with it, she began wetting it, dying it, cutting it up, and carving it. She drew inspiration in from her versatile lifestyle; from coming out of the Pacific ocean with dripping salty hair, to sitting by a fire with dirty cowboy boots, sipping whiskey after a long cattle drive. Much like living through an old western movie, though this one is surrounded by Hawaiian salt in the air. This was how Salty Western was born.




Every piece in our collection is handmade. Creator of Salty Western, Taira Cran, has taken her love for land and sea and focused that passion into each design. Here's a behind the scenes look into her creative process.